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Energy and Focus Bundle

Energy and Focus Bundle

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Elevate Your Energy with our Energy and Focus Bundle: Cordyceps militaris and Lion's Mane 

Unleash boundless vitality with our dynamic Energy Bundle, a harmonious pair of Wild Harvested Cordyceps militaris and Lion's Mane Extracts. Crafted to optimize your well-being, this bundle brings together two powerhouse mushrooms, an essential part of your morning routine We recommend adding a full dropper of each to your morning coffee or favorite beverage. 

Cordyceps militaris: The Essence of Vigor

Embrace the energy of Cordyceps militaris, expertly extracted from wild-harvested mushrooms. This anti-viral, anti-aging marvel serves as your steadfast ally against external stressors, supporting your vitality on a profound level. Fuel your days with adaptogenic elegance, courtesy of Cordyceps militaris.

Lion's Mane: The Mind's Delight

Elevate your cognitive prowess with Lion's Mane Extract, a treasure trove for mental acuity. Derived from the remarkable lion's mane mushroom, this extract is revered for its potential to support focus, memory, and overall cognitive function. Engage your mind's potential and embrace mental clarity.

Your Synergy of Wellness:

Indulge in the vibrant versatility of our Energy Bundle. Whether savored individually or combined, these extracts offer a transformative experience. Enhance your favorite beverages and culinary creations, infusing each moment with the goodness of Cordyceps militaris and Lion's Mane.

Pure Prowess in Every Drop:

Each serving of the Energy Bundle encapsulates the essence of wild-harvested Cordyceps militaris and Lion's Mane, meticulously extracted for potency. 100% mushroom fruiting bodies ensure you receive the complete spectrum of health-promoting compounds, igniting your path to holistic vitality.

Ingredients for Empowerment:

Medicinal Ingredients (per serving - 1 ml):

  • Cordyceps militaris (Fruiting body)
  • Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus, Fruiting body)

Non-medicinal Ingredients:

  • Purified Water
  • Organic Ethyl Alcohol (USP, Cane-derived)

Embrace the Duo:

Elevate your journey towards well-being with our Energy Bundle. Triple-extracted via ultrasonic-assisted extraction, these extracts embody verified Beta-D-Glucans, a testament to their quality and efficacy. No fillers or grains – just pure vitality from the heart of nature.

Empower, Energize, Evolve:

Witness the harmonious dance of Cordyceps militaris and Lion's Mane, meticulously brought together in an organic, medical-grade elixir. Embark on a path of empowerment, energy, and evolution with our transformative Energy Bundle – your gateway to a life fueled by the wonders of these exceptional mushrooms.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sue Jordan

Love it and will continue to order!

Hannah Pickle
Morning ritural

I add a dropper full of both to my morning coffee each day. At 47, I was having a hard time finding the right words to say in conversations. I asked my doctor and he said, senior moment. I felt like this was a little premature, since I am 47! I read about lions mane and started to take it. It became entirely noticeable to me after a few weeks, no longer searching for words mid sentence! Cordyceps have helped me build muscle I have noticed too!